Behind the Scenes

East Bank Members Don't Want to Be Left Alone

As the East Bank Club, Chicago, celebrates its 30th anniversary, owner Daniel Levin took time to talk to the Chicago Tribune about changes at the club, some of its famous members and how it's keeping up with new technology. Levin says that his club, which brought in $53 million in 2009 and ranked No. 24 on our Top 100 Clubs list, may have lost 9 percent of its members between 2008 and 2009, but the 11,000 remaining members still want personal service—despite a recent New York Times article noting that members want to be left alone.

It made me wonder who was correct. Or does it depend on the type of club and type of member? Do your members want to be left alone? If so, what are you doing to ensure they are left alone? If they want interaction, what are you doing to ensure they get the social connections they seek?

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