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Dirty Harry is here!

Hey, Clint Eastwood is here at the IHRSA show!

Yep, Dirty Harry himself is back in San Francisco. He looked good, except for some sort of bruise/darkened blob under his right nostril. I wonder how he got that injury. But true to Dirty Harry form, he's not covering it up. Are you going to ask him about it? I know I'm not.

I saw Clint as I was walking away from the launch of the new Nautilus One product. The launch was set for 4:01 (get it?) local time, and there was even a countdown on the TV screens in their display area. I was hoping people would start counting down when it got to 10 seconds, but nobody did.

After catching the Michael Eisner speech, I sat in on a motivational interviewing session that, like the Eisner speech, was packed. Keeping with the ever recurring movie theme, Robert Rhode used plenty of movie clips as examples in his session.

I think using movies are OK, but at what point do we use too many movie references? The Today Show seems to use movie clips with every story they do these days. Is this an example of the dumbification (dumbifying?) of America?

After lunch, I sat in an the 11th annual IHRSA financial panel, which really could have used a few movie clips. Our good friend Rick Caro of Management Vision was the emcee.

Brent Leffel of Angelo, Gordon & Co. talked about the success of the Crunch chain. Steve Reiner, the managing director of Financo, talked about the growth of the club industry. Sharon Zackfia, a Wall Street analyst, discussed why she pays attention to public companies Life Time Fitness and Town Sports International and not Bally, whose stock is not worth her attention.

Which brings us to Bally and speaker Ron Rich, an independent research expert. Rich talked about the state of Bally and where he thinks the financially-troubled company is heading. We'll have much more on this story in our April issue. Even Rich doesn't quite know where Bally is going to go.

More blogging later tonight. Maybe we'll see more movie stars.

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