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Dinner with the LaLannes

I had the pleasure of meeting Jack and Elaine LaLanne last night and going to dinner with both of them and five others in the Club Industry franchise. What an experience! The two of them entertained us by sharing stories about how they met, what feat Jack plans to perform next (carry Elaine from one end of the tub to the other) and their friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger, among other things.

I was struck by how entertwined these two are. Elaine is definitely the strength behind the strong man. She knows what he needs, sometimes even before he does. I guess that's what 50 years of marriage does for you. And he, in turn, adores his wife. He began singing to her and kissed her several times during the evening, and he reached over to put his hand on her leg toward the end of the evening.

I know that you are all wondering whether or not he ate any sweets last night. Despite a wonderful menu at Catch 35, Jack did refrain from eating straight from the menu. He had three freshly prepared hard-boiled eggs (yolks removed), some cooked broccoli, some cut up tomatoes and peppers, a little gumbo and a bite or two of Elaine's fish. And because it was a special occasion, he indulged in a glass of wine--he even mixed red and white together!

He's a character and was a little quieter than I had initially expected. However, he lit up as he was leaving the restaurant when a group of about 15 very fit looking men (perhaps attendees at the Club Industry show) eating at one of the tables recognized him and jumped up to greet him, get their pictures taken and just generally fawn over this legend. I think it made for a very nice evening for him. I know it's a night I'll always remember!

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