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Dallas Trip -- Telos

I returned late Friday from a great trip to Dallas where I met with five club companies. What a great opportunity to see some wonderful clubs! I‘d like to share a few highlights with you.

I arrived in Dallas on Thursday morning and went straight from the airport to Telos Fitness Center, where Brent Darden, co-owner, gave me a tour of this upscale club tastefully decorated in a Greek-inspired décor (Telos is a Greek word) but also offering a Zen, spa-like feel. Their membership is on the wealthier side and mainly work in the office buildings near the club.

Brent explained to me that the club is all about service to members. From what I saw, they must be doing a good job of providing that service. Not only do the members pay $102 per month in dues, but about 20 percent of them also participate in personal training, paying between $100 and $300 per session (depending on the trainer‘s qualifications). The club does $225,000 per month in personal training. That‘s a great number, but I was also surprised to hear that the company‘s main source of revenue does not come from dues. Seventy percent of revenue comes from nondues (I‘m assuming much of that from the personal training department). Not bad for what just a few years ago was a failing racquetball club.

Brent‘s business partner and co-owner of the club, Everett Aaberg, must be a big reason for the success of the club and, especially, its personal training department. From the moment I met him, I could tell Everett was excited about what he was doing. While Brent and I ate our salads at lunch, Everett told me about the certification and education requirements for his personal trainers, the Advanced Resistance Training and the Muscle Activation Techniques programs they offer, and the assessment program. I‘m sure his lunch was cold 30 minutes later when he was finally able to eat it, but he didn‘t seem to mind.

Clarisa Duran then gave me some great directions to my next destination: Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center (where she used to work). I‘ll give you details on that visit in the next entry. --Pam

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