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Come Follow Us at the IHRSA Show

It's an exciting time of year for Club Industry as we make our annual trip to the IHRSA show. With this week's show in Los Angeles, we plan to run into a few celebrities, and that goes for the Hollywood types, too.

We also will cover more on the show floor this year, although we still will hit the keynotes and other special events. With all that is going on, Club Industry will be your source as we keep you updated on Twitter. If you aren't doing so already, follow us at @clubindustry.

And for those oddball tweets that may or may not have to do with the show, follow yours truly at @stuart_goldman. Some of the tweets may be funny, but more likely, they won't be. Either way, we have you covered behind the scenes (which makes for a good blog title).

Speaking of behind the scenes, it was great to meet and talk to a few CEOs at last year's show, including Gold's Gym President Jim Snow. Recently, we caught up with Jim about the Gold's acquisition of Spectrum Athletic Clubs in San Antonio. This little nugget didn't make our March issue story, but I asked him about the biggest deal in the industry: the acquisition of 171 Bally Total Fitness clubs by LA Fitness last year.

"Clearly, LA Fitness put a stake in the ground with Bally," Snow said, before adding, "I like our acquisition strategy, though, with higher-end clubs."

One more note from the March issue that ended up on the cutting room floor deals with our cover story on women-only clubs and the Healthworks legal battle from the late 1990s.

Healthworks owner Mark Harrington said the case was covered by The New York Times and also appeared on "60 Minutes." But that is not what was most interesting. James Foster, the man who challenged the women-only Healthworks model, ended up reaching a settlement with the company. As part of the settlement, Harrington told me, Healthworks agreed to furnish Foster's apartment with exercise equipment.

After Foster told Harrington his request, a relieved Harrington replied, "Why didn't you tell me that three years ago?"

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