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Club LIVE will be back at the 2015 Club Industry Show as a venue to show off some new programming for fitness facilities
<p>Club LIVE will be back at the 2015 Club Industry Show as a venue to show off some new programming for fitness facilities. </p>

The Club Industry Show Refresh Is Gaining Momentum

One of the returning educational options at this year's show is Club LIVE where you can watch some of the latest programs being demonstrated. (Photo by Erin Manning.)

Have you ever thought that your health club needed a little refresh? I'm sure you have. We were feeling that way with the Club Industry Show. So, what do you do when you need to pump a little excitement into your business? For us, we did a lot of listening to industry veterans and industry newbies, then we did a lot of thinking and strategizing, and then we began to turn some ideas into action.

What has the result been? You'll have to come to the 2015 Club Industry Show Oct. 7-9 at McCormick Place in Chicago to find out for yourself, but I'll whet your appetite here with some teasers.

Education and networking in an intimate setting. That's what it all kept coming back to. Veterans kept telling us that they longed for the good ol' days of Club Industry when they were together in one place and everyone they saw while at our show was an old friend.

So, jumping ahead to 2016, we can announce that we will be at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago for the trade show, conference and hotel lodging. This will allow for better networking opportunities, easier access to education sessions and the exhibit hall, as well as a general sense that everyone you see is a colleague of yours there for the same reason as you.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's focus on this year's show, which still resides at McCormick Place.

One of the most exciting changes this year is that we have enlisted some industry experts to chair four of our education tracks. Medical wellness takes center stage with a wellness series of sessions on Oct. 7. That track is being chaired by Ken Germano, who is a past executive director of the Medical Fitness Association. He is working closely with Doug Ribley, senior vice president of health and wellness at Akron General Health & Wellness Centers, to finalize speakers and topics related to how commercial club operators can implement wellness programs and how medical wellness facility operators can live up to their healthcare mandates.

For professionals on the leadership path, Bill McBride, president and CEO of Active Sports Clubs and BMC3 Consulting, has put together a fitness leadership series of six sessions featuring industry leaders Brent Darden, formerly co-owner of TELOS and now principal of Brent Darden Consulting and chairman at REX Roundtables; Allison Flatley, COO and co-owner of Corporate Fitness Works; and Frank Ancharski, CEO of JRG and Club Coach Services.

The sessions, which will be on Oct. 7, focus on:

  • leadership and management for fitness leaders, led by Darden
  • people performance for fitness leaders, led by Darden
  • strategy and financials for fitness leaders, led by McBride
  • unlocking the service within leaders, led by Ancharski
  • programming for fitness leaders, led by Flatley

The next morning, these four presenters will reconvene for a panel session in which you can ask them questions on any topic. Anyone who attends four of the six sessions will receive a Club Industry Fitness Leadership Series certificate of completion at the end of the panel session.

The business operations series of sessions is chaired by Eddie Tock, partner at REX Roundtables and a longtime industry consultant. The series includes sessions on:

  • wage and hour compliance issues
  • how to finance a fitness center, led by Paul Bosley of
  • how to use metrics to measure success, led by Tock
  • the business dynamics for growth, led by Mark Miller, vice president of Merritt Athletic Clubs
  • developing a risk management plan, led by Tom Fiorino, general manager at Cincinnati Sports Clubs
  • how technology and business model innovation will revolutionize the market, led by Bryan O'Rourke of Integerus and Fitness Industry Technology Council
  • where the industry has been and where it is going, led by Michael Scott Scudder, founder and CEO of the Wellness Business Council
  • how to take advantage of trends, led by Scudder

The sales excellence track is chaired by Karen Woodard, president of Premium Performance Training. That track includes:

  • how to grow member sales and retention through outstanding events, led by Laurie Cingle of Laurie Cingle Consulting
  • a corporate sales plan and retention tool that is combined, led by Holly Johnson of National Independent Health Club Association
  • seven steps to doubling your fitness business income, led by Sean Greeley of Net Profit Explosion
  • how to market and sell training to established members, led by Nicholas Osborne of Go: Fitness
  • creating winning sales strategy with behavioral science, led by Jason Martuscello of Fuel the Movement and Catalyst Behavioral Sciences
  • how to increase closing rates, led by Woodard
  • profile of a high-performance salesperson, led by Woodard

To go along with all of this education, Woodard will lead a luncheon roundtable on sales topics on Oct. 8. This is a separate session with a box lunch in which participants are urged to bring their own ideas to share while listening to other sales ideas.

Another exciting change is the addition on Oct. 9 of Inspired Insights, which are mini keynotes. One of the presenters will be Marty Wolff, a former "The Biggest Loser" contestant who now owns his own club for people of size. He will address the mentality of an obese person and how to reach the obese population from his own personal perspective as well as those he serves today. We will announce the other presenters soon.

We also are adding space for certification testing, which will be done on Oct. 9. Watch the show website for details about which certifying agencies will be offering testing there.

And we previously announced that Shane Snow, an entrepreneur and author, will be our keynote presenter, focusing on how to accelerate change. Plus, Augie Nieto, founder of Life Fitness and now chief inspiration officer at Augie's Quest, will be the recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award.

We have more changes planned, and we will communicate those in future blogs and promotional emails as well as on the Club Industry Show website. Make sure to register today.

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