Behind the Scenes

Club Industry Quiz Contest

Time for a quiz! The first 10 people to correctly answer all three questions will receive a commemorative October 2009 cover of Club Industry magazine, featuring an autographed photo of Jack LaLanne. Answers can be found online at in the October issue of the magazine (scroll to the bottom of the home page). E-mail your answer to Managing Editor Stuart Goldman at

1) Which friend of Jack LaLanne is quoted as saying in our October 2009 cover story about LaLanne: "You'll probably need two Lifetime Achievement Awards."?

2) Name two of the six winners of this year's Best of the Best contest.

3) According to the October 2009 Executive Insights article "Old Friends, New Evolution" with Mark Mastrov and Jim Rowley, what is the name of the yoga chain in which New Evolution Fitness Co. is now owner?

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