Behind the Scenes

Club Industry and Jack LaLanne Get the Gold

We learned today that Stuart Goldman's profile of Jack LaLanne won a gold in the b-to-b, recreation/sports/outdoor, single article category of the Eddie Award competition. This competition is sponsored by Folio magazine, the trade publication for trade journalism.

On top of that, Stuart's profile of Curt Beusman is a finalist for the Neal Award in the profile category. The Neal Awards are the top prize in business-to-business journalism. We'll have to wait until March 10 to see if Stuart wins again!

All of us on Club Industry are very proud of Stuart, but more importantly, we feel that the profile of Jack LaLanne is a nice tribute to this industry legend who died this past weekend at 96. As Stuart wrote in his blog about Jack's passing, in the midst of her anguish, Elaine LaLanne still had the presence of mind to ask Stuart on Sunday whether the profile had won. I'm sure she'll be pleased to hear that it did. I have no doubt that Jack already knows.

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