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Chris Berman Coming to IHRSA Show

ESPN's Chris Berman will be one of the featured speakers at the IHRSA show in March in San Diego, or as Berman will call it, the "Hotel California."

That's one of Berman's many 1970s and other outdated song references that he spews out on a weekly basis at ESPN, whether it's hosting the network's NFL pre-game show, calling baseball games or doing SportsCenter highlights. Since he will speak on the show's opening day, March 10, perhaps he'll wish all attendees an early Happy St. Patrick's Day, since his awareness of upcoming holidays and seasonal changes is another one of his fortes.

I actually like this recent addition by IHRSA, whose keynote speakers are authors Malcolm Gladwell and Chip Heath, not exactly household names. And they're certainly not on the level of past IHRSA show keynoters, such as Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Eisner.

What does Berman have to do with fitness? Well, he did just lose more than 40 pounds using NutriSystem. (The audio is a little scratchy, but just be glad we're running this video and not the video of him losing his cool one time off-air.) Plus, Berman has offered some life lesson advice for Men's Health magazine. It's been a few years since that article came out, so we think it's OK to promote another fitness magazine.

Come to think of it, by highlighting Berman's appearance at IHRSA, we're also promoting another competitor's show. What were we thinking?

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