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Today I had the awesome opportunity to visit the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, an impressive facility on the corner of California and Presidio. Earlier, I had heard about the JCCSF's unique and very successful outsourcing of its fitness management to Club One, a well known for-profit club, so I was quite excited to see the facility and learn more about the partnership. Aaron Rosenthal of the JCCSF spent a good hour answering all my questions and giving me a complete tour of the building that was only built a few years ago. I don't want to give away all the details, as I'm preparing a story on this for our May issue, but I guarantee you that the partnership is quite interesting and seems to be mutually benefical to each party. (I'd also like to note that my cab driver to and from the JCCSF was far safer -- and probably luckier -- than the cab driver Stuart and I had on our hellacious ride from the airport to our hotel.)

After my tour, I headed over to Moscone to spend some time at our booth and check out the show floor. While there, I met with Power Plate and AFP. Power Plate showed me their latest products and even led me through a demonstration "workout" of sorts which involved a marathon set of pushups and a series of deep stretching exercises. After my hardcore workout this morning, I can honestly say that the vibrations really did help my muscles feel warmer and looser, allowing me to walk the show floor with grace rather than with my usual grimmace (it doesn't matter how many shows I go to; I still seem to always pack the wrong shoes.) Meeting with AFP was also interesting as I picked up leads on quite a few emerging trends: specialized fitness centers for gated communities, corporate fitness centers and retirement living communities. I'm sure you'll see more on this in the mag in the future.

Later that afternoon I made it over to the Les Mills booth for their launch party for their newest program, BodyVive. Targeted to aging boomers, beginners and the deconditioned, the program involves easy to follow moves, a small inflatable ball and resitance tubes. Phillip Mills of Les Mills, Colin Milner of the ICAA and Lynn Brick of Brick Bodies were on hand for the "celebration," which showcased an abridged version of the group ex class. Brick lead the demonstration and had quite the cheering section. Granted, some of the rambunctiousness may have been due to the flutes of champagne handed out prior to the demonstration, but she still had quite the fun group behind her.

Well, I'm calling it a night. I plan on being up bright and early again for another round of killer early morning workouts -- plenty to do! --Jennipher

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