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Celebrities Bynes, Rodman, Jackman Involved in Fitness Club Mischief

We all know that celebrities frequent their favorite local gym. Heck, we see them leaving health clubs all the time in photos on celebrity gossip websites. (Er, at least, so I'm told.)

Recently, there's been a rash of craziness going on involving said celebrities. According to reports, train wreck Amanda Bynes was kicked out of a Planet Fitness in Harlem on Saturday for smoking marijuana in the women's locker room. A Planet Fitness spokesperson confirmed to Club Industry that Bynes was a member of the Harlem Planet Fitness but that "she is no longer a member." The company did not provide further details.

And how about fellow train wreck Dennis Rodman? Rodman reportedly was in the men's steam room at an Equinox in Florida last week when a female admirer decided to join him and his crew. The manager went into the steam room a few minutes later and told her to leave. Rodman just laughed it off.

The not-so-funny story of the week involves seemingly all-around good guy Hugh Jackman, who was accosted by a stalker at Gotham Gym in New York's West Village. In a scary-sounding incident two weeks ago, the woman ran past the front desk screaming and crying toward Jackman, telling him she loved him and eventually throwing an electric razor filled with hair at him. The woman was indicted by a grand jury on Friday, charged with stalking in the fourth degree, according to reports.

The next time we see photos of our favorite celebrities leaving a health club, let's hope they had an enjoyable experience there. Without incident.

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