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Capitalize on Olympic Excitement at Your Fitness Facility

The 2012 Summer Olympics start July 27 in London, and I feel the excitement starting to build, but at least two companies in our industry have been feeling the excitement for quite some time.

24 Hour Fitness, San Ramon, CA, is the official fitness center of Team USA, as it has been since 2003. That means trainers from 24 Hour Fitness helped U.S. athletes train for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games at the U.S. Olympic Training Centers in Colorado Springs, CO; Chula Vista, CA; and Lake Placid, NY. Trainers also staff the U.S. Team High Performance Training Center, a 6,000-square-foot cardio, strength and conditioning facility in London that representatives from 24 Hour Fitness helped design. 24 Hour also is an official partner of USA Basketball.

Technogym, Gambettola, Italy, has been the official supplier of equipment to the Olympic Village for five Olympics (including the upcoming event in London). It has supplied more than 750 pieces of equipment along with its Wellness System training management software to the main gym at the Olympic Village in London, which is open to Olympic athletes of any country, and 19 preparation centers. One hundred athletic trainers from the Technogym international training network will be on hand to help athletes at these facilities.

So as the Olympics draw near, what are you doing to build excitement at your facility and to draw people into your facility after they are inspired by watching the Games?

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has developed four week-long workouts inspired by popular Olympic events: gymnastics, track and field, swimming and cycling. ACE's fitness experts created workouts based on the attributes world-class competitors require, including balance, agility, strength and coordination, according to a release from the education and certification company. ACE tailored the workouts so people of any ability level could do them. Each plan includes a warm-up, cool down and four exercise routines that exercisers can view in instructional videos and photos on ACE's website.

ACE's program may offer a way to capitalize on the excitement of the Olympics if you have not already created your own program. Share with us what your facility is doing. Are you planning special group exercise classes? Watch parties? Olympic-inspired boot camps?

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