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Calm Before the Storm

We are at that time of the month that I refer to as “the calm before the storm.” We‘re not quite on deadline and pushing pages through the production cycle, but we‘re definitely getting ready to. Usually, the week before production (typically the third or fourth week of the month) we get all of our ducks in a row. We put the finishing touches on articles, do a couple more interviews, begin brainstorming art and headlines (and compete for the most "winnng" headlines, as referenced in the post Game On), and give the Web site any necessary updates or modifications during this rare downtime. Today, I‘ve found time to blog (finally!), clean off the clutter that was taking over my desk and post a couple of news items on the Web site. It‘s always nice to get something accomplished and check something off your list of to-dos.

I feel the storm brewing though...the Top 100 list is never an easy issue to get out. (In fact, last year I had nightmares of me editing a giant wall-sized Top 100 list with a giant red pen I could hardly hold up. Yes, I might need more vacation time.) And we have a lot of good articles planned including one on Bally‘s bankruptcy drama, anti-microbial flooring and how fitness fits with preventive care.

Time to batten down the hatches! --Jennipher

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