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Burning the Midnight Oil

Sometimes you do your best work after 11 p.m.

I was just about to shut down the home computer and head to bed the other night before someone or something inside me suggested I should check out ESPNEWS one more time, in case I missed anything from the sports world. On the bottom of the screen, there was some breaking news that Drew Bledsoe had retired from the Dallas Cowboys.

This wasn't earth-shattering news, but I at least wanted to check out The Dallas Morning News' Web site and see what it had on the story. When I got there, I saw this front-page story on the passing of a bill by the Texas Senate that would require all children in kindergarten through eighth grade to have 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

Aha! Finally, my thirst for all things sports has actually helped me in my day job. The next morning, we put the Texas bill story on our Web site. The story had a short run as our "Hot News" before it was bumped the next day for another update on the Bally situation.

As I crawled into bed after my Internet find, I flipped to Conan O'Brien. For some reason, Fabio was there to carry Conan from his monologue to his desk. You might remember our Fabio sighting at the IHRSA show last month in San Francisco, where he was promoting our new competition's first issue. That guy--and his long, flowing hair--really gets around.

So my late-night craving for news led to two Club Industry-related items of interest. And all before midnight.

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