Behind the Scenes

Boulder Clubs Holding Up

I called around to a few fitness centers in the Boulder, CO, area last week to see if the fires in the canyon near the college town were affecting them. The owners of each club I spoke with said that their clubs were fine. The fire is in a rural enough area that no clubs are near them.

However, Glen Marshman, owner of One Boulder Fitness in downtown Boulder, said that he'd been evacuated from his home, and he knows three members who lost their homes to the fires.

Although air quality was difficult in the area last week, he said that traffic was normal at the club.

Let us know if your club was affected by the Boulder fire or the new Loveland, CO, fire. Last week, one San Bruno, CA, club reported no effect by the fire there, although a boxing club employee said that a few members who usually show up at the gym were not there that morning.

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