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Best Celebrity Week Ever

Up until this week, the only celebrity sightings I‘d ever had were pretty tame. In my high school years, I walked by Mr. Aerosmith himself, Steven Tyler, at an outdoor art festival. In my college years, I randomly met one of the boys in the boy-band 98 Degrees. (Unfortunately it wasn‘t Nick Lachey, but instead the short, slightly balding member of the group. Nice guy though.) Then, years later at the same outdoor art festival where I saw Steven Tyler, I saw tennis player Taylor Dent. Oh, and when I was visiting my best friend in Los Angeles, I saw the lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls and Ron Jeremy (not together), but, according to the locals, that‘s a common occurrence in Santa Monica, CA.

Okay, so fine. I have seen quite a few celebrities. But none of that compares with this week, which I‘ve appropriately titled “Best Celebrity Week Ever!” (Yes, we in journalism rarely use exclamation points, but an exclamation point was necessary there.)

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to meet and interview Dr. Ian Smith from VH1‘s “Celebrity Fit Club.” Dr. Smith was in town promoting his new book, “Extreme Fat Smash Diet,” and I chatted with him about his book, his 50 Million Pound Challenge and working with difficult people, aka Dustin Diamond (best known as Screech from “Saved by the Bell”). Stuart purchased for the staff a fancy new digital recorder over the long weekend, so in a few weeks we‘ll have the interview with Dr. Smith up on the Web site for you to listen to as a podcast. Keep an eye out for it.

Then yesterday, I spoke with yoga guru Rodney Yee. Although I believe I masked my dorkiness over the phone during the interview, I was seriously psyched to talk to the same man who stars in my all-time favorite yoga DVD, “Power Yoga.” I‘m working on an article about the controversy over yoga copyrights and the Westernization and commercialization of yoga. Yee gave me a lot of insight into the matter, and I think his comments will add depth to the article.

For many “normal,” non-fitness people, seeing Steven Tyler is probably more exciting than meeting fitness celebrities and experts but not for me. No way, Jose. I‘ll take Dr. Smith and Mr. Yee any day to your common pop and rock stars!

Who‘s having the best week ever? I am! --Jennipher

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