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The 'Benefits' of a Little Stomach Fat

The 'Benefits' of a Little Stomach Fat

We all know that America is facing an obesity epidemic. And we have been told that Americans are resourceful. So what do you get when you combine a resourceful American with some extra stomach fat? Well, if this Washington Post story is correct, you get a new place to hide your drugs: 

"Officials say 42-year-old Christopher Mitchell told the deputy that he’s too big to wear a seatbelt. The deputy says he requested a drug-detecting dog because Mitchell and the driver appeared nervous. The dog detected the presence of drugs in the vehicle."

Not that we are condoning hiding drugs anywhere—especially in belly fat folds, and especially since those folds did not seem to deter an even more resourceful drug-sniffing dog from finding said drugs. Instead, we think this story only proves that extra pounds around the waist are more unhealthy for you than you initially may have realized.

Feel free to share this story with any of your members for whom you suspect a cautionary tale is warranted—although we hope you have no members who you might suspect of needing a place to hide drugs.

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