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Austin Powers

Hi, y'all, from Austin! No matter what your background is, no matter what race or ethnicity you are, no matter if you're straight-laced or kinda grunge-y, you have to say "y'all" if you live in Austin.

I'm at the NIRSA show this week on a short visit. It's been pretty rainy and overcast here the last couple of days, but you can't tell that when you're indoors for most of the day.

Overall, it's been a good trip and a good show. I hope to tell you more about the sessions I attended in the next few days. The subject matter of my sessions involved dream jobs, how to interview for that dream job, the latest fitness trends (Expresso bikes, Nordic walking and the Wii were the highlights), and the always exciting topic of standards of care and legal issues. That was actually a pretty good session, conducted by brothers William and David Herbert, and it touched on the subject of AEDs, which I plan to report more about in the near future.

The show floor seemed a little bigger than last year in Minneapolis. Matt, our top sales guy in Chicago, is here in Austin, too, and we watched the Zumba demonstration Thursday afternoon. There was one dude out of the whole group of women brave enough to shake his tail feather. Call it "One-Dude Zumba."

After Thursday's show floor offering, Matt and I went to Buffalo Billiards on Austin's historic Sixth Street. The reason it's historic is because there is an unbelievable amount of alcohol available in a number of bars on this street. That and a few tattoo parlors, too.

NIRSA held an event at Buffalo Billiards on Wednesday night, so when Matt and I got there Thursday, it was pretty quiet. While we ate (and took turns coughing--the last remnants from our colds last week), we watched Matt's alma mater, Ohio State, play in the NIT on one screen while we watched reports on Matt's hometown team, the Cincinnati Bengals, on another screen. Later, we watched part of a soccer match involving Matt's current hometown team, the Chicago Fire. It was definitely a Matt-love fest.

(I have exciting news about Matt, but I'll wait to tell the gang when I get back in the office on Monday.)

I took in Gary Dunn and his country band at "NIRSA City Limits" before calling it a night. Austin was pretty nice on a breezy spring evening. The rains came today. I hope my flight's not delayed.

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