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Audio Efficiency

Our first-ever podcast was launched on our Web site today. You can listen to it here.

This is the audio recording of my interview with Geoff Dyer, CEO and founder of Lifestyle Family Fitness. The online version of our Q-and-A interview can be found here and is much longer than what appeared in our July magazine. If you'd like, you can listen to the podcast while reading the interview online, like one of those listen-and-read books that you enjoyed as a kid.

Since this blog is titled "Behind the Scenes," I should fess up to something about the podcast. When we originally recorded the interview, you could barely hear me because I made the mistake of talking into a headset rather than the phone itself. So we re-recorded the questions, then spliced them in with Geoff's comments to make the interview seem like we are actually talking to each other. Now you know the "magic" of podcasts. Steven Spielberg has nothing on us.

A few people need to be recognized here. My thanks to Craig Erpelding, our company special projects editor who initially set up the podcast. Craig encouraged me to do a few "takes" of my re-recorded questions, just like they do in the recording studio of a music company. I'd also like to thank Chriss (yes, with the extra "s") Scherer, the editor of Radio magazine, for splicing the questions into the podcast in lickity-split time. Chriss showed me a new gizmo that could make our future podcasts sound even better.

Another shout out goes to Web guru Laurie Kokoruda for putting the podcast on the Web site. Our senior art director, Jennifer Ray, made a nifty podcast logo for our site, too. My colleague at American City and County magazine, Lindsay Isaacs, gave me some good advice on how to do a podcast. And, last but not least, our thanks go out to Geoff Dyer, who couldn't have been a better interview for our first venture into podcasting.

Now all we need for the next podcast is to find a sponsor. I'll consider any and all candidates. Keep in mind, I could use a new car. Or just cash money.

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