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Behind the Scenes

Attorneys General or Attorney Generals?

When I hear the words "North Carolina" and "Roy," I automatically think of Roy Williams, the two-time national championship basketball coach of the Tar Heels and former coach of a local university called "Kansas." Lately, though, another Roy has asserted himself in the Tar Heel state, especially in our industry.

You've probably read the latest troubles with Peak Fitness on our Web site. The company has been challenged for the last two years by North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper, who has filed suit against the club twice during that time and has reached settlements both times. The legal actions have resulted in Peak Fitness closing several clubs in the state.

Cooper is one of many attorneys general (is it attorney generals? No, I'm right, it is attorneys general) who have made an impact in the industry by cracking down on club owners and companies that allegedly break the law. Recently, New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte cut a deal with a local club owner who pleaded guilty to credit card fraud and whose club was not bonded with the state.

Other attorneys general (AGs for short) making waves in the industry include Pennsylvania's Tom Corbitt, who has sued two clubs in that state and has made arrangements to pay back members of another health club, and Texas' Greg Abbott, who went after Life Time Fitness in 2007 for illegally dumping pieces of credit card and other personal information of members and employees into trash bins outside its Dallas-area clubs.

Cooper, Corbitt, Abbott and Ayotte (sounds like a law firm, doesn't it?) may be the Mount Rushmore of state AGs who kick tail in the fitness club industry. Other worthy candidates are out there for sure. So who's your favorite AG?

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