Behind the Scenes

Are You in the Top 100?

This is the time of year when my eyes start getting a little blurry sending out e-mails about the Top 100 Clubs list. I've been e-mailing past Top 100 club owners to remind them to submit their forms and contacting some new players that I think might make the list this year. I have even extended the deadline to May 26. (I hope I don't have to extend it any further.)

With the economy the way that it is, it should be an interesting year for the list. I've received about 45 forms so far (still at least 55 to go!). I've been pleased that even though some club companies have noted a decrease in revenue, they haven't been afraid to send in their forms (although some have also neglected to note a number in the line that asks about an increase or decrease). Still, some club companies have actually noted an increase in revenue, which was good to see.

I hope to have most of the forms collected by the end of May. I should then have tabulation and evaluation of the data completed by mid-June so you can view the final results in the July issue.

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