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90-Day Warranty

Today marks my three-month "anniversary" at Club Industry's Fitness Business Pro. There wasn't as much fanfare as I had hoped here in the office. In fact, two members of our staff are home sick. I guess that's what happens the day after you've just completed a rigorous May issue that included the always-exciting-to-produce Buyers' Guide. The good thing is, now that my first 90 days are up, I'm no longer under a probationary period. I can now do or say what I want--until I get fired for violating certain office codes.

I know this is not late November, but I'm in a thankful mood. Specifically, I'm thankful to Bally Total Fitness for providing us news on an almost daily basis. I know that Bally has seen better days, and I wish nothing but the best for all of those involved with Bally. It's kind of like when I covered sports teams. I didn't openly root for those teams, but I liked to see them do well. And if they didn't, for me, it was on to the next game or the next story. No emotional strings attached.

What I do look forward to is the next big story--good, bad or indifferent. Our Top News stories the last three months (including the upcoming May issue), included a look at Bally and two stories that originated out of California.

So I guess I have the Golden State (not the Warriors) to thank as well. Perhaps I'll send the Governator a thank-you note or a bouquet of flowers. Better yet, he should send me something for my three-month-iversary.

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