Bally, LA Fitness Update Websites after Sale

The sale of 171 Bally clubs to LA Fitness that was completed on Wednesday has created new club location maps for each company.

The LA Fitness website now has a colorful map of club locations that include blue pins (open LA Fitness clubs), green pins (former Bally clubs) and yellow pins (presale clubs). The website includes a full listing of each club that was acquired from Bally as well as a list of the 31 acquired clubs that are scheduled to close. It also includes the statement that the company provided us last Wednesday regarding memberships, former Bally employees and the company's plan to keep or close the acquired clubs.

The revised Bally map on its website has a total of 99 clubs, not 100 as was reported last Wednesday. There was one club in the Boston area (Revere) that had been expected to change over to LA Fitness, and now the Revere club is on the LA Fitness website and is no longer listed on the Bally website. So Boston now has four Bally clubs, not five.

Here is a breakdown of the remaining 99 Bally clubs. This list is by state, in alphabetical order, with cities noted in parentheses:

California — 14 (6 in San Francisco-Oakland, 4 in Fresno, 3 in San Jose, 1 in Madera); Colorado — 9 (7 in Denver, 2 in Colorado Springs); Connecticut — 2 (West Hartford, Middlebury); Louisiana — 1 (Baton Rouge); Massachusetts — 4 (4 in Boston); Missouri — 2 (2 in St. Louis); New Jersey — 7 (6 in the New York City area, 1 in Brick); New York — 24 (19 in the New York City area, 2 in Rochester, 1 in Buffalo, 1 in Syracuse, 1 in Albany); North Carolina — 2 (2 in Charlotte); Ohio — 9 (7 in Cleveland, 1 in Cincinnati, 1 in Toledo); Rhode Island — 2 (2 in Providence); Texas — 19 (10 in Houston, 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth, 4 in San Antonio); Wisconsin — 4 (4 in Milwaukee)

Also, here are the states in which the remaining 31 acquired clubs from Bally are scheduled to close, in alphabetical order:

Arizona — 2 (Phoenix, Tucson); California — 3 (Los Angeles); Georgia — 3 (Atlanta); Illinois — 4 (Chicago); Michigan — 2 (Detroit); Minnesota — 3 (Minneapolis-St. Paul); New Jersey — 2 (Philadelphia area); Oregon — 4 (Portland); Pennsylvania — 3 (2 in Philadelphia, 1 in Pittsburgh); Texas — 1 (Dallas); Washington — 4 (Seattle-Tacoma)

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