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Club Industry's Top 100 Health Clubs of 2019 Photo Gallery

The 2019 Top 100 Clubs list is available to you in gallery format from No. 1 to No. 100. Each slide includes the company name, rank and revenue for this year's list.

Each year, Club Industry compiles a list of the Top 100 Clubs in the country based on revenue. The list for 2019 (based on 2018 revenue) is included in this gallery. The majority of the numbers are reported by executives at the club companies themselves. Where noted, Club Industry has estimated or used other sources to determine the revenue of some companies who did not submit. All images are a combination of file photos, staff photos, and photos or logos submitted by the companies. For analysis of the Top 100 Clubs list, click on this article.

Key: 1 = Increases may reflect revenue growth through acquisition or new club openings. * = Revenue derived from various financial & industry sources. ** = Estimated revenue based on revenue increase company predicted when submitting 2018 Top 100 form. *** = Revenue for year end 2018 and not comparable to 2017 revenue, which was based on year end Sept. 2017. **** = Estimated 10% increase from 2017 revenue derived from sources. (A) = Acquire. (B) = Build. NA = Not available. (O) = Owned/Leased. (M) = Managed. (F) = Franchised. (L) = Licensed.

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