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Club Industry Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Club Industry Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

The Club Industry Lifetime Achievement Award is conferred annually to an individual who has had a significant and sustained impact on the health club industry.

Past recipients

2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: John McCarthy

With Open Arms: The Story of IHRSA's John McCarthy

John McCarthy built a young association and left an impact on the fitness industry.


2013 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Daniel Levin

The Visionary: East Bank Club Founder Daniel Levin

Daniel Levin built mammoth East Bank Club in the heart of Chicago that stands alone more than 30 years later.


2012 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Joe Cirulli

Survivor: Joe Cirulli's Journey of a Lifetime

Joe Cirulli overcame early struggles in his career before building Gainesville Health and Fitness Centers into a successful company, which has earned him Club Industry’s Lifetime Achievement Award. ...

2011 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Red Lerille

Red Lerille: Painting the Town Red

Our 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award winner Red Lerille’s unwavering dedication to fitness has helped his health club attract an incredible share of the Lafayette, LA, market for almost 50 years....

2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Curt Beusman

Renaissance Man: The Gospel According to Curt Beusman

He saunters into a jam-packed convention hall, gospel music blaring in the background, his robe draped from his shoulders. Brother Beusman is in the house,...

2009 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne Leads Others to Fitness

A profile of Jack LaLanne, a giant in the fitness industry, who helped many people change their lives through better fitness....

2008 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Dr. Kenneth Cooper and How He Became Known as the Father of Aerobics

Dr. Kenneth Cooper, founder of the Cooper Aerobics Center and originator of the term "aerobic," has made an indelible mark on the way exercise is viewed throughout the world today....

2007 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Alan Schwartz

Alan Schwartz’s Lifetime of Accomplishments in the Club Industry

A profile of Alan Schwartz, co-founder of Midtown Athletic Club and winner of Club Industry's Lifetime Achievement Award....

2006 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Rick Caro

Rick Caro Keeps Connected in the Fitness Industry

A profile of Rick Caro, president of fitness industry consulting firm Management Vision, and winner of Club Industry's Lifetime Achievement Award....

2005 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Judi Sheppard Misset

Judi Sheppard Missett Has Enjoyed a Lifetime of Dance and Fitness

A profile of Jazzercise founder Judi Sheppard Missett, who received the Club Industry Lifetime Achievement Award....

2004 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Joe Gold

Joe Gold Offered More to Fitness than Gold's Gym

A profile of Joe Gold, founder of Gold's Gym and World Gym, and winner of Club Industry's Lifetime Achievement Award....

2003 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Joe Weider

Joe Weider Built a Fitness Empire

A profile of Joe Weider, founder of Weider Publishing and the recipient of Club Industry's Lifetime Achievement Award. ...

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