Webinars for Health and Wellness Professionals Photo by Thinkstock.

Webinars for Health and Wellness Professionals

Club Industry and its partners put together multiple webinars each year to help educate health and wellness professionals on topics of importance, such as wage and hour issues, retention, wearables and other technology, wellness and more. Check out the upcoming webinars from Club Industry as well as webinars that are now on-demand. And discover other webinars from Club Industry partners. 


Upcoming Free Webinars from Club Industry


Empower Your Clients and Grow Your Business with Wearable Technology

2 p.m. Eastern, Thursday, April 20

Sponsored by Polar

Wearable technology is becoming more and more popular today from fitness trackers to heart rate monitors to smart watches, but these wearable innovations aren't just for the individual anymore. This webinar will discuss the varied uses of wearable technology and how it can be used to empower your clients and grow your business. Register now.


Cash In on Missed Revenue with an SMS Solution

2 p.m. Eastern, Thursday, April 27

Sponsored by Jonas Software

A mobile-first strategy is paramount to get in front of your members. Join Nick Miniello, vice president at Textmunication, to find out how to increase your club’s collectability using text messages to notify members of past due bills, boost membership sales through texting coupons/promotions and learn how mobile has become the most convenient and necessary channel for interaction between health clubs and their members. Register now. 


Upcoming Webinars from Medical Fitness Network, Club Industry Partner

Sports Nutrition: Addressing the Confusion

Nancy Clark, sports nutritionist and author

1 p.m. Eastern, April 25

Today’s fitness exercisers and competitive athletes are more confused than ever about what to eat to optimize performance and weight:

  • Which is better – a high carb or a high fat sports diet?
  • Should I eat before I exercise or run on empty?
  • What’s all this talk about keto-athletes?
  • Should I swap olive oil for coconut oil?
  • How much protein should I eat?
  • As a vegetarian runner, can I get enough protein without supplements?
  • How can I lose weight and maintain energy to train?

This sports nutrition update will look at the latest research regarding carbohydrate, protein and weight management for both recreational and elite runners.

Register here


Other Free On-Demand Webinars from Club Industry

5 Simple Ways to Use Technology to Increase Revenue

Sponsored by Twin Oaks

How to Grow and Differentiate Your Business Using Sustainable Business Practices

Sponsored by SportsArt

The Difference Between Your Members Working Out and Walking Out

Sponsored by Les Mills

Build (and Make Money from) Your Own Subscription Channel

Sponsored by Intelivideo

Create Customer Loyalty and Grow Your Business with Heart Rate Training

Sponsored by Polar

The Two Pathways of the Fitness Industry: Are You on the Correct Course for Success?

Sponsored by Precor

The Four Habits of Exceptional Clubs

Sponsored by Medallia

Wage and Hour Mistakes Plus Solutions That Could Save Your Health Club Millions of Dollars

Sponsored by ABC Financial




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