Content sponsored by MYZONE.

At IHRSA 2016 in March, 280 industry leaders showed up to the MYZONE breakfast event to learn about all the exciting features and products MYZONE will be releasing in the upcoming months. In case you missed it, you can catch up on each great topic below. Find out more here.

MYZONE Chief Executive Officer, Dave Wright, discusses how MYZONE is different than any other wearable fitness technology currently on the market.

MYZONE Chief Operating Officer, Mike Leveque, discusses MYZONE’s new and improved software.

MYZONE Director of EMEA, Jonathan Monks, explaining the new mobile application available through MYZONE and user engagement.

MYZONE Director of Asia Pacific, Mike Beeney, discusses the integrated apparel and hardware MYZONE offers; such as the recently launched MYZONE sports bra and soon-to-be launched compression shirt.

MYZONE Business Development Manager, Ron Sobiek discusses the proactive approach MYZONE takes to ensure each facility is well-versed in the MYZONE product.

MYZONE President, Emmett Williams, explains how MYZONE allows facilities to increase member lifetime value.

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