Swedish Software Provider Sets New Industry Standard

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Easysale Sweden, the Swedish software provider, announced today that a new version of Ecdesign gym design software will soon be released. Ecdesign, the 3D floor planning software developed in Sweden, makes it possible for non-designers to quickly create layouts in 2D and gives users the ability to visualize results as real-time, 3D floor plans.

Ecdesign is the industry leading software solution for commercial fitness facility space planning. Currently over 1200+ fitness organizations around the world use Ecdesign in the daily sales process.

Previously, 3D design was only done by designers, but with ECDESIGN anyone can build a detailed 3D floor plan in just minutes. Field sales managers are the most common user of Ecdesign in a company. With Ecdesign the sales managers can quickly present accurate and detailed layout proposals in realistic 3D, helping the customer see exactly what the result will look like.

In 2014 the company released a free version aimed at health club owners and business looking to plan or refurbish existing locations with commercial fitness equipment.

Contact Richard Gronberg, CEO and Founder, [email protected]

For more information about Ecdesign, visit www.easysale.se.


ECDESIGN is a Swedish 3D space planning software developed by EasySale Sweden. The company was founded in 2004 and it's head office is in Örebro, Sweden. The first software generation was primarily used by the automotive aftermarket industry, making it possible to quickly plan and visualize repair shops in 3D without having to use complicated CAD software.

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