Collecting and applying the right data can validate hunches and helps you make real business decisions Without it you may be guessing and at the mercy of your competition Photo by Thinkstock
With the right class schedule and approach you can make cycling a massive success in your club and increase your profitability by getting more people moving more often Photo by Thinkstock
All areas of strength training must be developed to handle obstacle course racing challenge from a quick burst of power to a longduration strength and endurance trial Training methods used by fitness boot camps and group and personal exercise trainers now include training specific to obstacle course races Photo by Power Systems
A Nielsen study of more than 3000 participants of group fitness classes around the world highlighted that more than 85 percent of class members visit their facility twice a week specifically to engage in group classes Photo by Les Mills
Handing out additional guests passes and hosting special winter and spring weightloss challenges are two ways to engage new club members following the New Year39s rush Photo courtesy ASF Payment Solutions