As Pilates becomes more mainstream the Pilates industry may need to develop new ways to make programs appeal to exercisers Photo courtesy of Merrithew Health and Fitness

As Pilates becomes more mainstream, the Pilates industry may need to develop new ways to make programs appeal to exercisers. Photo courtesy of Merrithew Health and Fitness.

Pilates Remains Strong Despite Recent Trend Surveys

Although surveys have indicated that Pilates is no longer a top trend in the industry, it remains a popular form of exercise and a valid revenue source for many operators.

When the American College of Sports Medicine published the “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2013,” there was some speculation in the fitness industry about whether the study had predicted the end of a very popular and profitable trend.

For the third year in a row, Pilates, which once ranked as high as No. 9 on the list of fitness trends, was absent from the top 20. Champions of the Pilates method around the world cried foul, citing revenue growth and conflicti

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