2XL Corp. – Club Industry Show 2013

2XL Corp. – Club Industry Show 2013


2XL Corporation is the industry leader in safe and hygienic maintenance solutions for all surfaces related to fitness, rehabilitation, recreational equipment and high-traffic surfaces.

GymWipes products are the original, industry compliant solution to remove sweat, grime and germs conveniently without harming fitness equipment and high-usage surfaces.

The GymWipes product line ranges from full-spectrum protection to cost-effective solutions offering the best value for the best price.

  • Economical, eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Thick and thirsty generously sized towelettes. 800-1200 count.
  • Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal
  • EPA Registered disinfecting/sanitizing formulas that protect against more than 50 pathogens, including CA-MRSA, HIV and H1N1. More than 350 percent more effective than other solutions.

  • Anti-microbial formulas for affordable cleansing options

  • Fresh scent formulas contain NO phenol, alcohol, or bleach.
  • Equipment manufacturer tested and approved. It will not void warranties.
  • Various attractive dispensers and stands are available.
  • Made in the United States to the highest standards and quality.

Enjoyed by an extensive customer base domestically and internationally, see how GymWipes products will make a positive impact in your facility. Visit Booth No. 548 at the Club Industry Show to explore the GymWipes product line and take advantage of our special show discount.

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Booth No. 548

This company is an exhibitor at the Club Industry Conference and Exposition and an advertiser in the October 2013 issue of Club Industry.

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