Fitness Freedom Found: Train Anywhere and Everywhere with DISQ

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DISQ™, the revolutionary mobile fitness product, makes its long-awaited American debut as the ultimate workout tool. By providing free resistance training in a portable, lightweight, and completely customizable new way, DISQ™ maximizes both cardio and strength training in virtually any setting.  Whether hitting the gym, running at the beach, training for the Olympics, or cramming in a quick workout at home, DISQ’s unique ability to provide constant resistance to functional movements and exercises means that individuals always get the absolute most from their workouts. 

Developed by Olympic gold medalist Stefan Groothuis and fellow pro athlete Robbert Boekema, DISQ™ was thoughtfully designed to condition, tone, and energize the body, sans the shackles of an expensive gym membership or bulky equipment and machines. To get started, users simply fasten the lightweight belt around their waist, attach the ankle straps, and adjust the dial to their desired resistance setting.

“We wanted to provide people some freedom from the typical gym workout, but still allow for effective strength training and muscle conditioning,” says Robbert Boekema, founder of DISQ™.  “Portability was key and adjustability was essential.  DISQ™ can be personalized for any fitness level and any fitness setting.”

DISQ™ isn’t just a training device, but also a complete functional training program. Individuals training with DISQ™ will also receive round-the-clock support through the brand’s website and mobile app, where they will find personalized workouts based on their goals, as well as the ability to track their progress.

“We are results-minded,” says Boekema. “Between family, social obligations, and a career, finding the time to work on your health and fitness needs is tough. However, just by intensifying any workout with the DISQ™ system, users can ensure they’re receiving maximum fitness results in what short time they have available.  On the other hand, more dedicated athletes and fitness junkies will benefit from DISQ’s multifaceted and highly-advanced resistance capabilities.”

The DISQ™ Pro Set is now available online for $299, and a lighter-duty version will be available September 2014 for $199 – both products include free workout downloads based on specific fitness goals. DISQ™ is the evolution of the of conventional fitness products allowing Americans to finally set their workouts free.

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