Body Barre Transforms to Barre Forte

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DENVER, CO — After three short years, The Body Barre, a dynamic leading barre fitness studio based in metro Denver, is transforming into Barre Forte. The announcement comes as the brand enters into new markets and expands its teacher certification and licensing nationwide. 

Fitness enthusiasts and co-owners, Jen Rehm and Nadia Walker-Arnold decided to take the brand to the next level by creating a unified look to capture the essence of its studios, teacher certification program and licensing model. The new logo and name now represent a dynamic fitness studio where women of all shapes, sizes and abilities can transform their bodies in a positive, electrifying environment.  

“At Barre Forte our clients feel like the best versions of themselves, and we want to expand this feeling across the country,” said Rehm. “The Barre Forte brand embodies an electric environment that empowers clients to build inner strength and gain bold outer confidence.”

Barre Forte studios are located in Denver and Highlands Ranch, CO, and it recently opened its first studio in the Gainesville, Florida market. It is expected to open two new Colorado studios in the coming months.

“Our licensing model gives entrepreneurs passionate about barre an affordable and supportive way to open and own a successful business that helps women look and feel their best,” Rehm said. “We are looking for women who have a passion for fitness to partner with us to open studios throughout the country.” 

Barre Forte also offers a nationally recognized teacher certification program, which has certified over 100 instructors. It is a comprehensive, two-day program that is one of the best in the nation. Aspiring barre instructors learn barre principles, barre principles, choreography, techniques, body alignment and exercises.

“Barre Forte is transforming bodies in a welcoming and positive environment,” Rehm said. “We are looking forward to partnering with women across the country to make Barre Forte a part of fitness workouts everywhere.”  



About Barre Forte

Barre Forte is a dynamic barre fitness studio where women of all shapes, sizes and abilities can experience the most effective and empowering workouts in an environment infused with fun and positivity. Barre Forte also offers a nationally recognized barre certification program and helps barre instructors around the country open studios through licensing agreements. For more information, visit

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