Bill McBride Teams Up with Jill Kinney to Launch a New Health Club Brand: Active Sports Clubs

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Bill McBride, former President of Club One and last year's Chairman of the IHRSA Board of Directors, and Jill Kinney, founder of Club One, have teamed up to launch a club brand called Active Sports Clubs. The flagship club is a 40,000-square-foot location in Petaluma California, and additional sites are expected to be open in 2014. The leadership team includes CFO/CTO Carey White, formerly with Club One, and Ken Brendel, accomplished Club One and Itrim General Manager who will become General Manager of the location in Petaluma. Bill McBride serves as the President and CEO and is responsible for all aspects of the operations, and Jill Kinney will serve as its Chairman.

"I'm excited about working with Jill Kinney, an industry icon, Carey White an extremely accomplished CFO and strategic thinker, Ken Brendel, one of the best General Managers I have ever worked with, and our full team of business and fitness professionals," McBride said. "This new endeavor is a compliment to BMC3's work over the last few months serving a valued existing clientele with an emphasis on the priorities and nuances of their local markets. Together, this new team provides added resources, services and expertise that will allow us to grow beyond the 20 sites I am currently serving."

"For years, it seems that we've focused on building uniformity in a club brand, which has often resulted in missed opportunities and the loss of connection with customers in a local market," Kinney said. "Bill's philosophy is to build a brand consistency but focus primarily on enhancing the customer experience and profitability through highly localized marketing and management. The team has the skills and experience to execute this creative and personalized management approach."

In addition to this unique management approach, the company focuses on adding appropriate, proven partnerships that expand the club's services.

"I'm particularly excited about adding Itrim weight loss centers to clubs," McBride said. "This is a concept from Sweden that Jill brought to the U.S. last year. It's doing remarkably well as a retail concept, and we expect it to be a huge addition to the clubs adding new members and revenues that we haven't been able to significantly reach before. Itrim is a healthy, active approach to weight loss that offers a quick and lasting solution. Its comprehensive and includes a personal health coach, group support, exercise and meal replacements with a strong focus on lifestyle improvement. The best part is that it's a turnkey business solution that comes with the skilled Itrim staff and its 10 years of internationally published science. We've never been successful at weight loss until now."

About Active Sports Clubs

Active Sports Clubs is building a strong reputation as the leading health and fitness provider in the markets we serve. We are committed to continuously improving our services, facilities and programs and are dedicated to innovation, impeccable upkeep, progressive fitness and lifestyle enhancement for a wide range of families and individuals. For more information, go to or contact Bill McBride at [email protected].

About Itrim

Itrim is an internationally-recognized and scientifically-proven exercise and weight loss program that shines a new light on healthy living. We create an authentic and comfortable environment where members can achieve tangible results through diet, exercise, coaching and community. Our comprehensive approach includes a proven meal assortment and specialized fitness centers, which pave the way for our members to finally achieve real and lasting weight loss. For more information, call 1-855-694-8746 or visit

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