24 Hour Fitness Uncovers Top Reasons We Drop Our Exercise Routines During the Summer (And It's Not the Heat)

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A new member study conducted by 24 Hour Fitness found that summer is emerging as a key time when people will lose track of their normal workout routine. Surprisingly, the study found that it’s not summer heat that’s getting people off track – the top overall reason was schedule changes or reduced available time.

But isn’t summer a season when we have more time? Not necessarily – and we all have a different reason for dropping out of our exercise regime. Here’s what might throw you off track.

1. TOO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY FOR 18-25 YEAR OLDS?: 18-25-year-olds reported that increased responsibilities at work or school stopped them from going to the gym (27%).

2. WOMEN ARE “TOO LAZY” (THEIR WORDS, NOT OURS!): Women were more likely (16%) to respond that “laziness” was their main barrier, compared to only 11% of men. Women are just more honest…

3. MOMS – START RESEARCHING SUMMER CAMPS: Moms reported that family priorities prevented their workouts in summer more than anything at 23%.

4. DADS, TOO: Dads weren’t far behind – 21% said family priorities are the main thing keeping them from the gym.

5. CRY ME A RIVER, CRUISERS: 27% of over-50s said travel disrupts their exercise, while one in five people over 65 cited summer vacation.

6. GYM RATS, STAY HOME: Of those who visit the gym 9+ times monthly, 24% cited international travel as a barrier to exercise. Jetlag is the only thing that can stop them.

7. COUCH POTATOES, SERIOUSLY…STAY HOME: Those who work out less than 4 times per month cited moving house as a major interruption to their routine.

8. DON’T BE AFRAID – IT’S A “DRY HEAT”: Surprisingly, people in humid cities, (Miami and Washington DC) reported they’re more likely to work out outside than those in dry climates such as Las Vegas, Dallas or LA.

Exercise Makes Summer More Fun

If you want to enjoy your summer, stay on track! Nearly all of members surveyed (96%) see a significant health benefit to working out, and 72% go to the gym because it “makes them feel great.”

When asked about their inspiration to work out – members’ leading responses were “puts me in a better mood,” “keeping fit for my family” and “it does wonders for my self-confidence and social life.”

So, the bottom line this summer – pay attention to your routine, make room for exercise, switch it up and hit Labor Day full of positive energy!

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